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The Oldest Sweater

Posted by Sylvia Olsen on

When Rodger Moore from Veregin Saskatchewan heard about the Great Canadian Knitting Tour he suggested I find the oldest sweater in the country. Good idea, I thought, but I think I already know where the oldest sweater is. So here is my challenge to you. Does anyone have an older sweater than this early version of the Cowichan?

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A New Years note of gratitude

Posted by Adam Olsen on

New Years Day is a unique moment of pause before setting off to the next and after completing the last 365 days—a time to reflect and imagine. This year I have big plans for publishing a book of knitting essays that will include ten of my own designs. The book is filling my imagination and giving me reason to reflect on how I came to be so committed to knitting, creating and thinking about wool, needles, function and beauty. The last few days I’ve been jotting down names of people I need to remember in the acknowledgements and have been thinking about two amazing women who gave me the gift of knitting.

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