Time to turn stitches into votes

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Making our final blankets--seriously random

The Green knitters are winding down. It isn’t easy to get them to stop. Knitters love nothing more than making something that people want…that people can’t get enough of…that makes money…for a good cause. But like one woman said the other day, “It’s time now to turn the stitches into votes for Adam.”


That got me thinking, “How many stitches did we make?” Putting all the hats, headbands, scarves and blankets together my rough and very conservative estimate is…are you ready?

800,000 stitches!!!!

There were more than 20 of us. Some knit a lot. Some knit a little. All knit with love, optimism and ambition. To get Adam Olsen elected. To get a Green MLA elected in Saanich North and the Islands.


We don’t need 800,000 votes. We got 10,000-something last election and we were just 370-something votes short of winning. If we get 12,000 this time we could win with ease. Fifteen thousand would be a landslide.

And the dollars? It looks like we’ll make well over $7500 and that’s a big deal for a party that doesn’t take the big cheques from the big corps and unions.



Our toques and headbands are seen everywhere. I get knowing smiles and nods from strangers in the grocery store or on the beach. They say, “That’s one of those hats I heard about.” We knit 200 or so pieces that were all somewhat the same giving our Green headgear its own sort of local fame.


But you can’t hold the Greens down. They bust out with their own ideas, their own designs, their own creativity and in the end we had to say, “Just knit whatever comes to mind. Don’t let the constraints of branding hold you back. Just stay somewhat within the confines of the colours and come up with something new. 

A very Green idea don’t you think?


We are hoping that there just might be 15,000 or so voters in Saanich North and the Islands who want someone who has his own ideas, his own designs, his own creativity and who is running for a party that makes room for people with those sorts of strengths.

What happens when 20-something powerful women get together to make change? We don’t know yet but so far it’s been a wonderful ride.



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