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When we were in Vernon a woman said to me, “If Tex gives up half way through the trip, just call us,” she pointed to her eager friend. “We’ll take his place. You are taking the dream trip. We’d be happy to drive.” Tex promised that’s not going to happen. 


In truth it’s only a dream trip because Tex is taking it with me. Besides all the usual reasons he makes the trip wonderful; he’s a great driver, we love listening to the same novels, we like talking about the scenery, architecture and economies of the towns we pass through, if it weren’t for Tex I wouldn’t be taking the trip at all.

This is not empty praise. It’s just that I could not talk to everyone, do the workshops, as well as figure out where we should stay and how to find my way around strange cities, as well as packing books and kits and my trunk show in and out of venues, as well as doing the business end of the tour, as well as documenting people’s stories, as well as taking the pictures and downloading them so I can use them on my blog, as well as…okay the list goes on and on.


About the accommodations…Tex finds the best places at the best prices…it’s something I’ve learned about him. He’s a McLeod and that makes him a Scot, and yes, he fulfills everything I knew stereotypically about their thriftiness. We are staying in highly rated hotels that charge medium and low-level prices. The do exist and Tex can find them.

As I said, this is not a case of what would I do without Tex. It is a case of; I wouldn’t have done the tour at all without him.

And better still he is learning how to knit. He’s up to his colourwork…so far so good…no strands, no twines and no twisted yarn. I think he’s got it.


 He models the scarf and manbag well and makes the vest I knit for him look stunning.

I have to admit that another woman said to me, “If you want to leave Tex somewhere along the road, let me know. I’d be happy to pick him up.” I promise that’s not going to happen either.

He got to visit his beautiful nephews, Wesley and Eddie, when we were in Calgary.

A White of Tex's finds in the Kootenays when he got out for a bike ride. He thinks this might be a relic from the construction of the Alaskan highway.

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  • Well I have to tell you that old truck made me think of my Dad, so thanks for that. Loved your shout out for Tex. My girlfriend facebooked a story today about a man visiting his wife in the hospital… he came is a tux, he came with flowers… they have been together for 62 years.
    My husband grew up in Thunder Bay.. beware of the BUGS!!!

    sandi on
  • So glad I was able to take your workshop in Saskatoon and meet both of you. My husband has already requested a sweater after seeing the photos in “Knitting Stories”. Have a wonderful and safe trip!

    Marlene Hamel on

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