Goodbye BC

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We said goodbye to BC Monday morning and drove through the Crowsnest Pass to Lethbridge. I don’t have as much energy and concentration as I would like to write about each stop, each stunning view, each wonderful person and knitting story. So before I start writing about Alberta I need to think for a bit about the Kootenays.


Highway 23 from Revelstoke to the Arrow Lake ferry was a beautiful trip and lucky for us we arrived at the ferry ten minutes before it pulled into the dock. Otherwise we would have missed our appointment in Winlaw. It might sound like an onerous schedule but with Tex driving, and he makes every stretch a pleasant experience, and Diane (Sono Nis Press) making the plans, I am able to enjoy every part of the trip.


We spent three days in Winlaw and Nelson. Thanks to Diane and Sharon Block of the Slocan Valley Threads Guild we had three workshops and a wonderful lunch with more than a dozen knitters at Sissy’s (Sleep is for Sissies Restaurant)—a must if you are on Highway 6 heading towards Nelson.


We wound wool for more kits with Diane and Jim at the office and packed them up for eastern Canada.

Spring was intoxicatingly present in every breath when we road our bikes along the Slocan River. In the evening Tex and Diane drank and discussed wine while Jim and I tasted the wine and drank juice—some things don’t change. We made plans for more tours, more kits, more books and especially to return. Who can leave the Kootenays without promising yourself that you will come back?



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  • what a beautiful country we live in! sounds like you’re having fun!

    patti chipppini on

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