The Great Canadian Knitting Tour

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Sylvia OlsenThat’s it—my New Years resolution. I’m turning 60 in March and the truth is I don’t make New Years resolutions anymore I make plans. Some people might call it a bucket list but I look at 2015 as possibility and ask myself what interesting and cool stuff can I do with the next twelve months. This year I want to celebrate knitting diversity and innovation across Canada.

The Great Canadian Knitting Tour was a collaborative idea that came from Diane, publisher of Sono Nis Press, who produces my beautiful books, and me, one of her appreciative authors. The idea got started with the thought that there are hundreds of fascinating knitting stories out there. Then we thought about how much fun it would be to go on the road, investigate them and share them in another book called Knitting Stories II.

Now we are looking for more collaborators. We need people to tell us what’s going on in the knitting world in their communities across the country—woolen mills, knitting classes in prisons/schools/kitchens, knitting cooperatives, innovative yarn shops, knitting tours, knitting families, knitting traditions, knitted products, knit bombing sites…you name it, tell us why its an important story and we want to visit it.

The plan is to collect locations, people, events, etc, across the country for the next four months and then on May 1st, Tex McLeod, my beautiful partner, tour manager and roadie, and I will load the van with books, knitting kits, and an itinerary and drive across the country. We plan to arrive in Newfoundland in mid June. This tour could be called the story exchange.

I will tell my stories in bookstores and yarn shops and listen to your stories in homes, stores, mills, prisons, and in the streets of Canadian cities and villages from coast to coast. If you have a knitting story please let me know. If you are the story or you know someone who is, please contact me. Diane and I will be making the arrangements and planning the itinerary.

I will keep you up to date with how the tour is progressing – we look forward to meeting you along the way.


Here's my infinity scarf with colour.
I finished Tex's Christmas present--ten days late--but better late than....

Sylvia and Tex

We are getting ready to go!

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  • just wondering if you’re going to be visiting our fine Island…PEI … during your tour??

    nancy on
  • I enjoyed your two books very much. I am a knitter myself and I learned a few new things, and like your patterns in the Knitting stories. Have a wonderful trip across Canada. I hope you get many more stories to read. Merilyn

    merilyn on
  • Congratulations on making plans for such an interesting and adventurous tour. I love that you’re building on such an important part of our Island (BC/Canadian/Women) history by both honouring what went before and also taking this special knitting in a new direction.

    Ruth on
  • Beautiful knitting on Salt Spring Island. I couldn’t find the name of the knitter…thanks Margriet…sylvia

    Sylvia Olsen on
  • The real magic behind the Cowichan sweater is the stories they tell or the stories we tell about them. Write on Rowan….sylvia

    Sylvia Olsen on

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