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It’s December 20th and Christmas gifts are on my mind. I try not to give a lot of ‘things’ at Christmas. I am the sort of person who gives along the way and when it gets right down to it, my family is privileged with as many ‘things’ as people need. So my grandkids get skating and music and swimming lessons for Christmas. Or they get musical instruments or concert tickets.

I don’t usually knit gifts for people in my family, I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because there are too many of them or because, in the past, I was always knitting or finishing or zippering for the sweater shop right up until Christmas Eve so I had no time to knit for my family. Once again my Christmas knitting has become helping Joni fill orders for Salish Fusion. There are going to be a lot of very happy people when they open the boxes and find their amazing sweaters, vests, blankets, mitts, leg warmers and hats.

But this year I have two knitting projects on my Christmas list. I have five more days and here’s my plan. I have finished one third of a scarf for my partner, Tex. There is no possible way I will finish it by the 25th. But he knows he’s getting it so I’ll wrap it up with the needle and give it to him with a promise that it will be finished by New Years.


Then I will put the scarf away and start a sweater for Jack Hastings—my beautiful youngest grandson. I plan to have it knit, blocked and wrapped by the 22nd. I’ll finish this post on the 23rd and let you know how I did.





It’s December 23rd and Tex’s scarf is ready to be wrapped—still 1/3rd finished and still hinging on a promise. Jack’s vest is done. YAY! I tried it on him last night when his parents weren’t looking at it fits perfectly. I am excited. I love the feeling of giving my little boy something I’ve knit.






I am ready for Christmas….now it’s down to making the sausage rolls and butter tarts.
If you get half a day off work or two weeks if you have a huge family or a friendly neighbour 
if you have been shopping for months or if you are rewrapping something of your own
if you celebrate around images of Jesus or if you set your hopes on other ways of imagining the world
if you believe in Santa Claus or Wonder Dog or Popeye or if you need to see to believe
if your heart is full of happiness and privilege or if you are suffering from heavy anxieties
my friends
I hope you find a way to have a warm, imaginative, restful and loving holiday.



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  • Thank-you for sharing! A knitters Christmas indeed! It will be a first time for me – no gifts on the needles – all knitting was finished!

    Lynette Meek on

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