A Sweater for Justin Trudeau

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In the early 1980's when Pierre Elliot Trudeau was Canada's Prime Minister, his Christmas card featured his sons, (including Justin, current Member of Parliament and candidate for the leader of Liberal Party of Canada) and Pierre in a traditional Cowichan sweater.

There is a long history of gifting sweaters to politicians, foreign dignitaries and Hollywood stars, Trudeau was not the first Canadian Prime Minister to wear one and we wanted to ensure his son, who is attempting to follow in his footsteps as party leader and Prime Minister, also had a sweater.

He didn't get one of his own though, instead we created a replica of his dad's the original Christmas card sweater, modernized it a little and Justin did the rest!

During the November 2012 by-election in the Victoria riding, we saw that Justin was scheduled to come out at speak at UVic in support of the Liberal candidate. Even though we were supporting the Greens Donald Galloway, our non-partisan gift was a tribute to the history of Coast Salish knitting and celebrating it with the next generation of Canadian politicians.

Trudeau wore the sweater for the rest of the day, it was seen on the evening local news. More recently he was wearing it during his visit with Chief Theresa Spence, who is on a hunger strike in the Ottawa region.

If you have a beloved sweater that just cannot be saved, repurposed or just memorialized in a photo and you want your next generation to be reconnected with their past we can reproduce just about anything we can see.

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